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How to start a beautiful Bible journal

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And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. 

Habbakuk 2 : 2

What is Bible journaling?

Bible journaling can mean a lot of things for different people. Therefore, you can define what Bible journaling is to you!

I guess the best way I can formally define what Bible journaling is to me is as the following:

The use of scriptural inspiration and personal revelation from the Holy Spirit to create detailed notes that usually consist of illustrations, paintings and sketches.

This how Bible journaling is defined for me. Now lets take a look at some of the stationery that I use while I Bible journal.

Bible journaling equipment

Firstly, you have to create an environment that is conducive to letting your creative juices flow. This environment can be created by finding the perfect space and equipment that you can use as you Bible journal.

Some of my past and current equipment include :

  • Pencils: for drawing initial rough sketches and/or outlines
    I like using a clutch/mechanical pencil because it has better grip and does not get blunt.
  • Paints: watercolour or acrylic paint (I use watercolour)
    I like watercolor sets that are vibrant and that come in a durable container.
  • Colour pencils: for colouring in and adding any extra detail.
  • Highlighters / Markers / Fine liners: for emphasizing the finer details, bolding certain words and for any outlines. My one tip about fine liners or fine tipped markers is that they can bleed through pages quite easily.
  • Stickers: for extra embellishment
  • Pens: for any words or scriptures that you would like to write permanently
  • a comfortable space
  • plus a nice cup of coffee or tea to complete the ambience : )

You can also include:

Extra decoration such as scrapbooking material, stencils, printable, glitter, etc.

You can truly be as creative as you would like to be for example I am currently working on covering a full page with pressed flowers!!!

Now the most important step is deciding where or what you would like your journal to be.

Different types of Bible journals

What is special about Bible journaling is that you can completely customize your journaling experience. The first step towards customization is for you to select where you would like to start your journal.

On that note, there are 2 main methods that you can choose from. Your first option is a Bible journal where you draw and write directly in a Bible. Your second option is to have a dedicated notebook which you will use as your Bible journal.

If you are struggling to make a decision on which method you prefer; you can refer to the table below for a bit of direction:

A table showing the difference between a journaling Bible and a journaling notebook

Journaling BibleJournaling Notebook
Both your notes and artwork are in one place Your notes and artwork are separate from your Bible
You have limited space which may prevent you from expanding your notes You have more space for elaborate artworks and extensive notes
Your Bible may have the potential of filling up meaning you will have to get a new Bible to continue with journaling Notebooks are versatile in the amount of pages they contain therefore they probably will last a bit longer
Journaling Bibles may be a bit difficult to locate Notebooks can be found almost anywhere
Less customizable more customizable because you can find a plain notebook and decorate its exterior
Comparison between a Journaling Bible vs Journaling notebook

Therefore, I personally chose to start my Bible journal in a notebook.

How do I use my Bible journal

As I mentioned earlier, you can choose how your Bible journal turns out.

You can use it just for artwork or you can use it to do Bible study and cute illustrations concurrently.

I personally use my Bible journal for literally everything ( I am not exaggerating).

For example: I use my journal as a prayer book, an artbook, and as a place to to write my Bible study notes. I also find it nice to write my goals, hopes and dreams in there as well.

Here are few examples of how some of my pages in my Bible journal look:

Scripture verse in Bible journal
Small illustration
Watercolor painting in Bible journal
Watercolour painting
Scripture verse in Bible Journal
My favourite scripture
Bible study notes in Bible journal
A heading I made during Bible study
Pencil sketch in Bible Journal

Hopefully you can see that your journal can consist of anything that you would like, If you would like a few scriptures to get started with make sure to look at our quotes page!

Other forms of Bible journaling

Especially due to the advancement of technology your Bible journal is not restricted to paper.

With the availability of note-taking apps on all devices you can have a digital Bible journal. The benefits of a digital version is its ability to be sync on all devices, space is not limited and it is easier to edit your work plus you can even print them out if you would like a physical copy!

Let me know down in the comment section below if you have a Bible journal and whether you write, draw or do both in it?

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  3. Great to see how you journal, I also use a notebook but only write. I liked your drawings, adds some visual excitement, think I will start drawing too?.

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