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3 easy back-to-school organisation tips for students

Although school holidays feel like they last for literally two seconds, at the end of the much needed break I cannot help but be excited to go back to school.

Why you ask?
Well, the reason is that I enjoy the whole process of putting everything in order ensures a smooth back-to-school experience.

Nothing feels nicer than being at school knowing where to find something and that everything that you could ever possibly need has been anticipated and planned for.

This blog post will provide you with 3 easy steps that guarantee effective preparation for the back-to-school season. Make sure that you get your very own checklist at the bottom of this post : )

Ironically, the essence of this whole process is to get rid of all the mess that was made in the past term or semester of school to make space for the newer mess that will be created.

The 3 steps that we will be following consists of emptying out the bag, sorting through and organizing the items and checking if you have all the necessary stationery.

Step 1 – Empty

This process, for me, is usually the most enjoyable one as I get to see all the memorabilia that I have collected throughout the past term at school.

The sticky notes with reminders that I ironically forgot, the the crumbled study notes that I forgot to file after studying for a test as well as items that I do not even know how they got there in the first place.

The floor will probably look like this

Don’t miss a spot! Ensure that you empty all pockets and compartments in your bag as you would like to have a completely blank canvas to begin with.

Yay, time to organize!

This is the point where I like to make small piles that divides the contents that have been emptied from the bag into the following three categories:

  1. Toss – rubbish that needs to be thrown away into the bin
  2. Keep – all the notes and textbooks that I will need for new term at school
  3. Store – everything else that is important or will be needed at a later stage which can be stored at home

*Please note that you could do this step concurrently with step 1. For example, you could create piles while emptying out your bag instead of organizing afterwards.

After categorizing, I like to begin with the toss category as it creates more space for me to work with. Some of the items that can be thrown away are scrap and crumpled pieces of paper, school handouts that will not be needed again and old or broken pens, pencils and highlighters.

Next comes the store category. This is where everything gets filed or stored in its respective place. This consists of placing old textbooks on the book shelf or storing them in a box and filing study notes and hand outs in folders or binders.

Make sure that you put them somewhere easy to find because you will be needing them sooner than you would think.

Lastly is the keep category. This is where the remaining pile is organized in a user friendly manner where all the necessary notes are placed in such a manner that will be easily accessible for when you need something.

3 I usually file my notes in chronological order where the most recent content is on the top so that it can easily be referred to (we usually revise content from the previous term before we move on with new content).

Step 3 – Check

After months of school, I can guarantee that some pieces of stationery has either broken, been used up or has disappeared into thin air. For these reasons it is essential to check your stationery.

Ensure that you have spare pens, highlighters, pencils and lead if you have a clutch or mechanical pencil. This is also the time to replace notebooks that have been used up and pack new textbooks that you will be using once you get back to school.

Oh, don’t forget an eraser, calculator and a math set!


Now that you have completed these 3 steps it is now time to pack everything into your bag or backpack. You are now officially organized for school!

Here is a checklist that summarizes the whole process:

Back-to-school Checklist

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    Usually this is the same time that I like to get organized digitally as well. Let me know down in the comment section below if you would like me to create a detailed post on how to organize digital files.

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    1. Very handy, I will be using this system to organise my day-to-day bag. I definitely need a post on organising digital files!

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